Fall and winter trips with Camp Outlook run from September to April with a strong group of fall/winter staff and returning summer staff.

Fall & Winter Camp

winter staff member

If you enjoy meeting fantastic people, seeing beautiful sights, and cooking hot dinners on a campfire then fall and winter Outlook is for you. If you were on a summer trip this year, come for a reunion trip. What better way to spend a weekend than catching up with old friends around the campfire.

Fall trips begin in the middle of September, and are a great way to transition to the colder nights of our January winter trips! If you’re not sure about snowy winter nights, come on out to a fall trip, and we’ll show you the tricks of staying warm, dry, and having a great time in all seasons of the year!

Here is a bit about how Camp Outlook works in the fall and winter: You will meet the staff at 218 Barrie Street in Kingston, Ontario (at the corner of Earl and Barrie St.) at 9:00am on the Saturday morning of your trip. We will lend you any clothes that you were not able to bring, as well as a backpack and sleeping bag for the weekend. We'’ll head off to Frontenac Provincial Park or to QUBS biology station owned land. After a hike into our campsite, we’ll spend the afternoon exploring, playing games, cooking and eating around the campfire. At night we will sleep in tents. Sunday after waking up, we’ll play some more games, go on more adventures and hike out. The fall is gorgeous for nature and animal watching . . . a great way to spend the weekend!!

If you are interested in becoming part of the staff for the Fall/Winter program, applications are available in our volunteering section.

We hope to hear from you soon. Happy Trails!